Seduction & Subversion The art of James Guppy

Attended a talk by Andrew Frost on James Guppy’s work at Wollongong City Gallery.  Great talk and interesting that we are lacking painting in the area of surrealism.  There appears to be an abundance of digital art in this area.  Great to hear about Jospeh Cornell -it’s one artist I was enamoured with on the USA trip, enough to get a great book. There’s that wonderful serendipitous link once again. Who would have thought that two surrealist make an abstractionist?

Also impressed by photographic exhibition Phantasia on at the same time- especially Andrew Mamo’s work.

2 thoughts on “Seduction & Subversion The art of James Guppy

  1. Hi, great blog! My enthusiasm for appreciation of visual art has rekindled since arriving in Sydney! It could be because I live in Newtown, where there’s an art gallery behind every corner or the fact the city provides so much inspired material! Anyways, I love James Guppy’s work! and have browsed for some of yours. Nice blog too!

    • Hi Room,
      I love Newtown too, I passed up on an art job there a couple of years ago and often wonder how different my life would be if I had taken it… regrets. Love your shots of Carriageworks another of my favourite places. Cheers Sue

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