Roadside Series

This series of works for Roadside Exhibition is summed up in this quote by Australian Poet Judith Wright “I am never so much myself, so to speak, as when I can sit in the car & know the telephone won’t ring and nothing has to be done & I can simply wander round in my mind in comfort with all the things I want to think about…….”
Driving provides a frame on the landscape. Signage not only becomes essential information to the driver but also a disruption of shapes and sometimes colour.  Like Judith Wright, the road trip is where I mull over ideas and artworks are planned and then there is a rush of black and yellow and maybe the change of a speed limit that brings attention back to the road. My large scale drawings are based on these glimpses and the random disruptions by signs on the Illawarra and South Coast Highways.


3 thoughts on “Roadside Series

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