Tim Burton at ACMI

After travelling all the way to New York, tickets for Tim Burton Retrospective was sold out at MOMA for the time we were there.  I guessed it wasn’t meant to be, although the crowds and the free snippets of drawings made me quite curious and I had an inkling it would be an interesting exhibition.  Serendipitously I found myself in Melbourne this week and once again Tim Burton reared his wild head.  This time I got in, along with hundr3eds of youngsters on holidays.

It’s wonderful to see creative drawings, fresh sketches and best of all drawing crowds of enthused kids.  It gives me hope that drawing will once again take hold of art, that these kids will go home and sketch their fantasies

For me, I want to see Burton’s Sweeney Todd. The macabre story has always fascinated me and seems to manifest itself into my life in different forms, I left like those kids wanting to draw.


One thought on “Tim Burton at ACMI

  1. Hi Sue, That is great you got to see Burton after all. Maybe Sydney on Wednesday this week?

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