Failure Was Never an Option

There are some exhibitions that just stay with you like William Kentridge and Bonnard for me.  This was one of those.  I didn’t want to leave these works, I wanted to share them with my painter friends.  It was plein-air at it’s best.  I had spent a week in Melbourne seeing whether I could live here on a permanent basis.  Tram hopping, scarf wrapping and alley eating made it appealable but what of the crux of the city.  Rick Amor’s oils and watercolours gave me that sense. The grittiness of the docklands, the cold light that pulls a painter and only plein-air can convey.  No red-coated city embassador could ever have given me what I had taken from these works.

As written by Gerard Hayes the curator, for nearly 20 years Amor and a group of like-minded artist friends had painted locations in Melbourne, their only rule being “failure was not an option”.  It reminded me of our own group the Picknick Painters, choosing our Shoalhaven landscapes.  Rick Amor was never destined for failure, the love of paint and location comes through every work and every mark.


One thought on “Failure Was Never an Option

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