Leaving a Paper Trail

Earlier we were at the Watters Euan MacLeod show “Glacial”.  It was immense, dark, wet  and thick with oil.  The day itself in Sydney was dark and wet and then we walked in on this, Elisabeth Cummings “Paper Trail” at King Street on William Gallery.  It was clean and crisp.  The drawings light and airy.  The majority of works spanning 30 years were etchings that lends itself to that openess but there was that delicacy of line in all works gouache and ink included.  Like her paintings, there seems to be such a complexity in the simpleness of it.

Out the back there was a reminder, an ink(?) drawing of meerkats done at Taronga -exquisitely observed , look and put. Not immediately recogniseable as Elisabeth Cummings but obvious in technique of a master of their craft.

If only we had Arakoola on display at AGNSW.  Perhaps a great time whilst the Paths to Abstraction show is current. A wonderfully current example of where those paths have led to in this country.


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