Trains, planes and wildlife.

I love setting up a studio. The preparation of choosing what to hang on the walls.  It can make or break a work. When I first checked out this studio to rent, I thought it would have some problems but it turned out to be great – it was cool -breezes from the sea in summer and that grunginess that only an artist can appreciate.  It’s called The Barracks cause it backs onto the rail station, old quarters used by men who worked on the rail.  The building although pretty dodgy had been converted into individual studios.

I love the sudden noise of freight trains, glimpses of graffitied carriages and the lines of track and overhead wires dissecting the landscape.

What I didn’t expect was tracks (of the animal kind)  across my prepatory sketches I had done on the Island.  There was also a few nibbled edges.  I asked the possum or rat not to eat the sketch I was working on. I think we came to an understanding, it never happened again but I was lucky enough to share the space with no less than 3 possums, not sure about the rats.


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