The Council Moves A Motion…in a line______________

The old council chambers houses the Wollongong City Gallery. I’d just been to a talk and had the usual whip around to check out other exhibitions. The James Kiwi Watercolour proved to be a waste of good paper, except for a few outstanding pieces so I think my sigh of relief at the collection exhibits at the top of the stairs was audible.

Ian Gentle’s wonderful stick sculptures, Ken Whisson’s City of Salt and Yvonne Audette’s gentle abstraction, tucked around the corner. I climbed the last set of stairs that led to the viewing balcony that once perched over the mayoral meeting rooms.  The elder respected statesmen Lloyd Rees hovered above in delicate pencil -keeping watch over these precious works.  I was alone up there, it felt reverential. It was secretive, they were letting me in on the secret of line.

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