Tanks for the Memories.

Joining my fellow swag-buddy from Alice Springs we swapped red dirt for the lush greens of Far North Queensland.   Without a doubt the centre has my heart: the red dust, orange purple rocks, white twisted gums and squintingly blue skies. Cairns provided blanketing warmth, colour and wildlife admist great art.    There was a familiarity of childhood holidays, dad’s camp stories and the smell of ice cold beer (XXXX of course).  So different to art from the centre, these works were fresh and colourful.  The Tanks Centre is called the Tanks as it is a series of old oil tanks converted to areas for exhibition, music and performing arts. They are in amongst the lush tropical botanic gardens. Vibrant dancers from small remote islands provided entertainment as we slurped native Sop Sop and finished with cold orange and ginger juice from Tiny -a huge Irishmen.

Once again sorry I didn’t buy a print or two from Stewart Hoosan and Nancy McDinny – Waralungku Artists from the Gulf. By far the best and most memorable works


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