Cooking with Brushes

If Pollock had to bring-a-plate for lunch what would it be? Maybe a thai salad thrown together but complex in flavour?
Our first day back painting after the holidays was a bring-a-plate session at Anne’s. As usual we all brought something to the table and I realised as painters, we were quite like our dishes – mine-sandwiches, made from the everyday. I’m good at assembling-maybe Rauschenburg. Sue (IR) brought a carrot cake -great blend of texture, considered-maybe Motherwell. Andrea made a pineapple upside down cake -compositionally perfect,classic-maybe a Ben Nicholson. Reiko wowed us with red beans and ice cream, unexpected and exotic- maybe Gorky. Kaye baked a zucchini slice – a combination of skill, sculpture, assemblage in egg- maybe Duchamp. Julia surprised us coming a little late and we could hear the clacking of utensils in the kitchen and then she appeared with warm scones straight from her oven -maybe a Braque the silent achiever. Anne our host had made a gluten-free chocolate cake laced with nuts -it was rich, deep and emotive -definitely a Rothko. I had come too late to know what Sue P had presented and the table was overflowing but there is no doubt that it would have been light, vego and obviously Bonnardish -little jewels of light and colour like her pastels.
Once again our brushes were dry but our table and tummies full and the promise of painting next week.


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