Pink Beaches & Obscenely Green Hills

Kiama is visually stunning. The Picknick Painters went to the rockpool at Black Beach last week so this week we returned. The surf was really pounding and the wind was relentless but it’s the price you pay -the hills across towards Jamberoo were so vividly lime green from rain,sun,rain etc etc. And Bombo has the pinkest sand – all this framed by Black Beach -shining black glossy rocks.  Everything was hammered by the wind but I had taped the paper to the table -it was secure and throwing wet dollops of paint against the force of the wind only made me more determined. We ate frantically, holding down our gear, chasing detritus. Andrea braved the breakers in the rockpool but we soon packed our gear and went.

I started my car only to find the windscreen white and crusty with salt spray – the winds own Kasmir Malevich’s composition.


One thought on “Pink Beaches & Obscenely Green Hills

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