Bustin’ out in Gerroa

Well the Picknick Painters were a mixed bag the last week. We met at Gerroa, we got a taste of the Autumn sun while we had our cuppa. The sounds of a group of young Mums with kids at the playground were fairly distant. We broke out the paints, the clouds came over and the wind chill set in – the kids were now closer and the sounds more disturbing.  Andrea had provided birthday sausages for the BBQ at lunch, the rain came and we were now openly wishing the children to drop through the grate they had been jumping on earlier.

We break for the holidays now for 2 weeks, retreating into our studios like bitter old women we are.  I do remember being a young mum, squealing children on the swings and never remember hat-clad old women drawing on park benches. I’m glad I’ve lived both.

Did a couple of gouache on paper-may work larger and stopped on the way home to sketch Mt Coolangatta its a great shape sitting very hill-like on the flats. I think the little sketch of that will work better.


One thought on “Bustin’ out in Gerroa

  1. Glad the group is still out there in the elements.
    Finally had time to wander around the blog – the artworks look terrific
    Hope alls well, have a Happy Easter etc etc.
    PS can you belive what won the Wynne – will try to get to see it over Easter to be convinced

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