Art Books as Doorstops

Good things do come in small packages! As an art book addict I have developed a lopsided lope, almost all art books are just plain heavy, they are usually too big for a bag or if fortunate enough, are provided with a smart over the shoulder canvas number with appropriate bookishness printed on the front.

My latest book however is a little black corker! Titled “The Rapture of Death” by Prue Gibson is motel bible-sized. Totally black cloth bound, blood-red marbled inner binding and the printing almost Gothic. As a bonus it is a fascinating read so far concerning contemporary Australian art and the macabre.

2 thoughts on “Art Books as Doorstops

  1. Only just saw this entry from last year. Thanks for liking my book 🙂
    Next one will be same ‘little format’ but on love, not death. And on art as always. Prue

    • Thanks Prue, your book was just beautiful, it’s one of my treasures. It’s always a bonus when the writing is as beautiful as the layout. Congratulations on nailing it. I’m really looking forward to the next one now! A lovely surprise you found my blog. Cheers Sue

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