A Splash of the Unexpected

How lucky am I to be still amazed at colour after living with it for so long.  Painting by the Lake yesterday -a Lake I see every day, still resulted in a mix of wonderful shape and colour. It was windy and a couple of the Picknick Painters had taken refuge in a sheltered sunny spot alongside the pale blue pelican-adorned toilet block. I had completed a gouache, fibre pen sketch of the island in the distance and had colours mixed on the palette -when I looked over at the others. I combined the landscapish subtleties with purple, reds, turquoises of the boldly dressed sun hogs. As much as I love a pristine unspoilt landscape and quiet gentleness of the bush, there is such excitement for me in the interruption we provoke by providing splashes of the unexpected.


One thought on “A Splash of the Unexpected

  1. what a wonderful painting Sue – superb colour. Did a workshop at AGNSW on 29 April painted a copy of Matisse’s Moroccan landscape love it. What a great place Cockatoo Island – last weekend the weather was great in the sun all day Saturday– all the old machinery very sculptural but impossible to draw. I did OK on some exercises on Saturday but on Sunday we were working on a large single work and I fell apart – couldn’t do a thing – bought good paper and charcoal and everything – some of the other students did very large very impressive drawings. Luckily Suzanne Archer has a good sense of humour!So once my confidence is repaired, its back to basics to try new media – I’ve been using ink and paper for too long – might enrol in the National Art School for their summer school to see if I can get into some oil painting.
    – keep me posted and let me know if you are still up for a visit to the portraits

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