The Beautiful Pea-Green Boat

Painting at the Lake with the Picknick Painters this week resulted in a little more confidence about the direction I’m rowing. I know that I want to combine stories with my painting to bring my own Lake-ness to the Lake. I always imagined myself to be rowing with the owl and the pussy cat in my beautiful pea-green boat. I painted the boats with Dad as a young girl, it was always yellow- a stenciled name on the back, or the canoes. This week I painted my imaginary boat a beautiful pea-green.

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Pea-Green Boat

  1. hello! Thanks for the comment. I wasn’t sure if you’d get this if I replied there, but I wanted to say I *love* artists’ blogs, I love seeing other people’s creative process and I think more so with visual art because I’m so hopeless at it myself – it seems like a kind of magic! Very much looking forward to reading more of your entries and seeing your work.

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