Seven Miles of Ideas

Painting at Seven Mile Beach was a great distraction from the Lake. I felt like I had saturated myself. This week in the National Park grounds with filtered light and angular gums was a really welcome change. I focussed on some cut trees, where the shapes were interesting and nestled in the open wound someone had laid Banksia babies like a nest of some strange bird. Last weeks hyper-flouro colours of floats, buoys and signs had become a nagging thought. With a link to Kandinsky’s exploration of undercolour in a painting, I had put down a ground of fluro yellow on my page and wanted to incorporate it into a new landscape. It seemed such a jarring anti-organic basis but was interesting in overlaying subtle greys. There’s something there that needs more….once again you get a little comfort but more questions. We swapped cake, ideas & nuts. Home grown Kiwi fruit and tamarillos fresh from the Valley.


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