Dear Brett,…..

“Go forward, my dear warrior, and take with you my love and deep thanks for what you have already given us.”

This excerpt from a letter to Brett Whiteley from his hero Lloyd Rees shortly before his death. This favourite from my bookshelf is Encounters with Australian Artists by Janet Hawley.  When Brett Whiteley learned of Rees’ impending death he wrote a heart felt letter telling the elderly artist of his admiration and influence in his own work and to say goodbye. Rees replied with equal emotion and I cry each time I read these letters. I have had the book since 1993 and it still has the same affect on me. The conversations with the other artists in the book are just as fascinating.  Pictured here is Lloyd Rees Road to Berry that I drove every day for a year and each time it was Lloyd Rees in my thoughts when I rounded the bend.

5 thoughts on “Dear Brett,…..

    • Lloyd Rees was a great artist and this work is wonderful in real life, there is very little paint on the surface, very wiped back but just beautiful. I’m glad you appreciate it as much as I, I thought it might have just been an Australian thing with his work. Cheers Sue

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