Richard Long Overdue

I knew the minute I fluked a car space directly in front of the gallery that I was in for a great art day with Jane, my desert art buddy. We started with a cruise through the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman. I wasn’t completely disheartened as in previous years, maybe a sign that painting is returning again. From there we wandered the new photography space with works by Tracey Moffatt- a great improvement. Swinging past the old faves, Morandi, Giacometti and Auerbach. Down the escalators with Guston secured firmly overhead to the wonderful Art + Soul. Kaye had loaned me the book and it was great to see the works while it was fresh in my head.

But more importantly this weekend marked the opening of the new Kaldor galleries. It felt like the gallery was now all encompassed. Such important artists that were missing were now comfortably at home, nuzzling their way into the gaps that had previously existed. Sol LeWitt, Christo, Viola, Rauschenburg, Judd – It felt like a whole new gallery and the use of existing space was amazing. The best however was looking back through at the beginning to see through the rooms to Shaun Gladwell- arms outstretched balanced on the horizon moving Christ-like on the  highway making the space seem endless. A great day capped off with a stroll through the beginning – indigenous bark paintings.


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