“Sue, This is Ildiko….”

Ildiko Kovacs: Untilted 1989 from "Down the Line 1980-2010" by Daniel Mudie Cunningham

I was introduced to Ildiko Kovacs by Glenn Barkley, subtly suited in gentle stripes. We met at the Wollongong Gallery at the Almanac exhibition. Later I was again introduced by John McDonald on a Saturday Morning, this time she was wearing Serpentine in blues and greens and was striking. Since then I shared her with Jane and then with Carla, she revealed it all to us. Her amorous beginnings in paint -fierce and energetic gave way to light and space and line. 

Ildiko Kovac’s “Down the Line 1980-2010” is a remarkable exhibition. Her work has been privately savoured and I felt priveleged to be taken into her world of paint. The catalogue by Daniel Mudie Cunningham is just as tactile -canvas bound with a Kovac line in white where you can sensuously trace your finger Down the Line. A beautiful introduction.



4 thoughts on ““Sue, This is Ildiko….”

  1. wonderful exhibition and line – spent Sunday afternoon again watching Painters Painting DVD instead of actually painting – some quotes Barnett Newman ‘technique doen’t matter’ de Kooning ‘what does painterly mean – it means its done with a brush’ Nolan for him its ‘one shot painting’and Hoffman was 65 when he had his first exhibion – so there is still some hope for old painters

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