Goodbye Mr Twombly







There were 2 artists when I went to New York that smacked me in the face.

They were Phillip Guston and Cy Twombly. Cy Twombly’s piece in the Art Gallery of New South Wales was controversial. Some hated it but I loved it and when I saw more of his work it only reinforced what I went there to look for.

Goodbye Mr Twombly. Thank you.

Image: From article NY Times

Cy Twombly’s “Bacchanalia: Fall (5 Days in November),” from 1977, was part of a show at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London that placed Twombly paintings with works by Nicolas Poussin.

One thought on “Goodbye Mr Twombly

  1. never listen to certain types of critics – the German Expressions were labelled degenerate – and what about Pollack and deKooning critics – highest price paid for an artwork $140M Pollack’s No 5 – 2nd highest deKooning’s Woman III $137M – not that money matters of course

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