Thanks for the Cezanne, Ms Olley.

The art world moaned when we heard the news of Margaret Olley’s death. She didn’t wait and cling to her world here, she shared art with all of us for so long. I remember her giving us a Cezanne because she knew of it’s importance for artists. She knew that we had to study works in a gallery in order to pick up the subtleties that never happen in books. This weekend at the Art Gallery of New South Wales we were able to connect with her subtleties, a wall of beautiful paintings: still lives, oozing influences from Cezanne, Bonnard, Matisse. I remember catching a glimpse of her in the bookshop there a few years ago, being excited, nervous. Should I go over and say “Thanks for the Cezanne Ms Olley”. Of course. But I didn’t and wrote a letter and of course never sent it.

I love this photo from Margaret Olley “A Life’s Journey” a book of used on my blog before. Here she is arriving in Port Swettenham Kuala Lumpar Malaysia in 1969. A paintbox in hand, what a wonderful life.


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