I’ll Have the Bearded Poodle in the Hat and the Box of Chairs Thanks.

Once again when I’m not painting I fiddle with stuff. On the top of the desk my find from the last trip away. A box of slides. I often pick up photos of strangers in 2nd hand shops -pretending I know what may have happened. The box of slides were different, they were all photos of chairs and the occasional chaise lounge. They guy in the shop was apologetic, thought I may have been put off, instead I was more excited. I still don’t know what to do them project them up, draw them? Paint over them?. Make tiny chairs out of each slide?.  My other find, the bearded poodle in a bowler hat is sitting in a heart-shaped cake tin fixed to the wall. I know the slides will take their place in my art world one day, til then they sit on the desk in the box they come in -all 100 odd of them waiting…….


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