The Guy at the Local Hardware or Artist

You’ve probably already guessed it’s an artist.  Once again it’s the thigh swipe on the jeans that gives it all away. John that I painted with used to wear a long white lab coat when he painted – a professorial look, pretty appropriate for a minimalist. My original apron was one I had inadvertently taken after volunteering at meals on wheels. The M.O.W tattooed on the inside made me feel guilty each time I donned it. Eventually it worked itself into a painting. Pollock’s black t-shirt was ample for him. I personally would like a flack jacket – somewhere to poke cloths, paint tubes, brushes, bits of charcoal, just stuff. It doesn’t matter how I set myself up I always end up with too many brushes in one hand and something tucked behind my ear and a cloth hanging out a pocket.

Oh,  it isn’t the guy at the local hardware but he did say “Art starts where construction ends” – Hans Hofman

Hans Hofman 1952 Photo Kay Bell Reynal. Artists in their Studios

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