Writing with Twigs

When I first saw the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson, it struck a chord. I came across Sporborne by Anna Garforth and it did the same thing.

It was smotheringly hot today but there is nothing better than the smell of wet plants and feeling water on your toes. I did etchings of moss at Bundanon when I couldn’t paint any longer in oils and my studio had lines of twigs suspended against the wall. I felt I was drawing, recreating lines of the landscape. I miss my garden and being in the bush. I miss gathering little objects and photographing the minutae. I admire the work Hossein Valmenesh who recited poetry thorns.

This work “A Thorn in My Heart” is so beautifully executed.

The colours of moss and nature continue to inform my work and I am in awe of environmental artists who can use nature solely as their tools.


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