I Am Not Alone

Regular people don’t understand that artists live, eat and breathe art 24 hours a day. They think it’s a hobby that you can turn on or off, an activity after work or on a rainy day. It’s when you receive a Facebook link to Antony Gormley just after 4: 00 am by an old friend on the other side of the world that rather than grumble and roll over, you are so excited you troll through a stranger’s photos of steel figures in fields surrounded by cows and naked tourists.  Every little nuance in an artist’s life informs their work and for me lately everything is pointing to Gormley. I’ve blogged about him before but he’s on my mind lately. Sculpture by the Sea is cropping up too in unexpected places so maybe it will be there – I will see a sculpture, it will click on a link in my headspace and I’ll be taken to a page where I can retrieve Gormley and create my own widget.

This image is from Artists and their Studios Photograph by Eamonn McCabe

It reminds me of the backroom I saw at Anna Schwartz gallery in Redfern, silent figures waiting on their backs, foetal like in steel blocks. Links also appear in the strangest of places -the same friend had also mentioned that Anna Schwartz had the best haircut in Melbourne – maybe the link isn’t art related at all and it’s Antony Gormleys way of telling me to get a haircut.


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