Please Don’t Touch!

Trying to choose the right image to go with this post was difficult.  Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi is an amazing spectacle -the coastline is phenomenal and the sculpture mostly amazing but I think this sums it up.  Gary Deirmendjian’s “do not….”. Each year the little black signs sit in front of colossal works quietly asking  the impossible.  How can you not touch a piece of pink fleshy angaston marble and feel the cool underside on a stinking hot day?  How can children not be drawn into  Chen Wenling’s lap of his grinning brilliant red giant?  Some just didn’t care, in fact “Surf in Fantasia” by Akiho Tata, three large granite pieces just meant that an old surfer could flake out didn’t feel like he was the only object on view.  

Probably the best by far didn’t need to be touched to connect with people.  There was a queue to take a snap with Jane Gillings “Provenance” a giant gilt frame filled with passers-by.   As I said it’s hard to choose but I love the shot of this giant nail firmly wedged in the rocks and vivid against the blue. In the distance a fisherman oblivious of what’s around him.

3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Touch!

    • Hi Gary
      Thanks, I loved your work and sorry, I did touch it! I always want to feel the materials despite what the catalogue or signs say. Same reason I love touching my own artworks to feel the paint.Cheers Sue

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