Say “AAargh…..!”

Yesterday I blogged about sculptural pieces in Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi.  Gradually my attention and photos turned from sculpture to the people. What an amazing event that brings people world-wide, free and is sometimes the only interaction with art. People that would never admire the work by going to a gallery, suddenly are looking for angles to take the right shots -rock-hopping to get the light or reflection.

For me it was the cultural aspect. Looking at works in isolation is only half the story.  It was obvious that works with people or animals drew in the bulk of the crowd. We humans want to see other humans. I wanted to photograph humans looking at sculptures that looked like humans.

It was the cultural mix that was so impressive about this year. The royal couple have taken it to Denmark and I think that has expanded the mix but the fact it is free, families can bring children and a swim at the end of it all, or in our case a cold beer at Bondi Pavillion.

 My last shot of the day was taken in a flash. I was part embarrassed and part proud. I happen to glance up when exiting the Icebergs at Bondi and kneeling above us a moslem in prayer.  Not wanting to draw attention I snapped this shot. It only reinforces the fact that art has a way of bringing all cultures together.


3 thoughts on “Say “AAargh…..!”

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