Shaking Off the Sand

This is now my third post about Sculpture by the Sea Bondi.  I thought I’d just about got it out of my system by now but once again serendipity takes over.  It is a tenuous link between the thick & sparse landscapes of JR Walker, Maitland and old beach chairs but that’s what happened.  It continues to happen all the time.

It began with a proposed trip to Maitland Regional Gallery to see John R Walker. The lack of suitable accommodation meant the trip was then turned into a sculpture by the sea 2 day event. I’ve been at the Sculpture by the Sea for almost 15 years. There is nothing harder than choosing a favourite. The difficulty comes from a variety of reasons – Bert Flugelman, Sir Anthony Caro, Stephen King, Dave Horton, May Barrie names that ooze sculpture, masters of their materials so varied and then the small unobtrusive works that connect with place so well. For me that was Lucy Barker this year and her webbed benches.

It reminded me of Aunty Bette who would paint her toenails bright red on a banana lounge, while sipping fluffy ducks and eating red-wrapped Nestle’s chocolate. Days of childhood memories where shorts had pom-pom fringing. The work was titled “Sea Change” and the smell of my slapped on sunscreen and salty Bondi breeze brought those days closer.

Today I stumbled across Lucy Barker’s website by accident. I wanted to thank the folks at Maitland Regional Gallery for the info on JR Walker. There I saw an exhibition coming up for Lucy’s work.


2 thoughts on “Shaking Off the Sand

  1. I just went to the sculpture bu the Sea website…so cool. What a great idea! It seems very impromptu to see all this stretched metal and carved materials on the beach. I wish they would do every park bench in the world like Lucy’s at Sea Bondi. She made the bench look like the old fashioned lawn chairs but way more colorful.

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