How about a Quiz

Do you think you know the difference between a sculptor and a writer?, between Claes Oldenburg and Atilla the Hun?

To mark the end of a favourite show Spicks and Specks where they played Musician or Serial Killer, I’ve trolled through some books and came up with a quiz.

For those that took the Quiz last week here are the answers…….Top scorer 83% -don’t know who you are it’s completely anonymous but I don’t give prizes anyway but if you feel like telling me you were the one – feel free.

If you are reading this for the first time and want to have a crack at the quiz -##spoiler alert## Don’t read any further -here are the answers.


Thankfully everybody got this one right! This is George Bernard Shaw not a politician. Did that honest face give it away? Everyone picked De Kooning on the bike in a beanie too.  So here are the results for those who have been waiting.

  • 1. Artist : De Kooning
  • 2. Politician Malcolm Fraser – former Aussie Prime Minister
  • 3. Artist : Pollock
  • 4. Writer: George Bernard Shaw
  • 5. Artist : Josef Albers
  • 6. Sculptor: Henry Moore



5 thoughts on “How about a Quiz

  1. I didn’t think i’d do that well on the quiz, but love spicks and specks so did it for the love of it and yeah I picked the serial killer….. but only one wrong

  2. I probably couldn’t tell the difference between a sculptor and a dentist! I am not taking the quiz for fear of failure and a bad grade.

  3. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!! Do another one! (I bombed out with only 50% correct and even then that was just a fluke as I only recognised Mal Fraser and G.B. Shaw). Having been an art teacher, I hope I’d do better with putting the name to the art than the profession to the face!

  4. Hi Katherine, so glad you enjoyed it -it was a first attempt and wasn’t sure if it worked. Hopefully the next one I’ll improve. Glad you got G.B.Shaw! I’ll post who they all are later next week. Cheers Sue

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