Pricasso, Death & Taxes

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Picasso exhibition at AGNSW. I also witnessed the abilities of another artist – Pricasso who paints not with a brush but another tool.  I’ve blogged previously on Brush Envy but I’m afraid Pricasso despite his adaptability and bright pink cowboy hat wasn’t particularly a good artist and an embarrassment to the general artistic population of Australia.

Picasso however was truly amazing. I was impressed with how the exhibition came about from the Musee de Picasso and it was the direct result of death and taxes.   I guess Pricasso may leave us a collection of penis-painted portraits- we can only hope that he has never reproduced to leave an heir.  Thankfully Picasso died in France and we are able to see some of the best of his works. I will leave a collection of stiffened brushes, copious art books and ephemera and my humongous roll of bubble wrap.


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