A Semblance of Disorder

I’ve been pre-occupied with exhibitions lately.  I thought I would post something from a sketchbook. I began keeping sketchbooks as soon as I realised I couldn’t live without them.  I pulled a random out of the bookshelf,  it was labeled in the usual scrappy fashion -2 pieces of masking tape. Feb ’05 to Apr 05 A4 No: 33. I kept track by size and type and date.

This was exciting – it happened to be when a series of work had fallen into place and the basis for works that I continue to make.  I realised the significance of signs prior to this but these small sketches were around the time that I thought about incorporating the figurative signs into the landscape around the location where the sign had been sometimes inappropriately placed.  It gradually taught me how to place and work on composition.

I did produce a large painting from memory from these sketches. I don’t have a photo of the finished work but here it is in the early stages -charcoal on canvas – 48″ x 60″ -it was sold and I never got a finished photo- a bit of a shame as I felt it was a breakthrough for me.

2 thoughts on “A Semblance of Disorder

    • Hi Void
      It really is a bit of both. Sometimes a sketch works better as it is -often the ones done on the spot in the landscape catch the essence -especially colourwise. I find my major paintings(the better ones!) come from small, often pen quick thumbnails. I usually find that if I persist with sketches in a certain area/subject it will result in a series of larger painted works and all of what I have sketched will contribute in some way to the final pieces. I am addicted to drawing so usually have a range of sketchbooks handy with me- various sizes and purposes. I often make a sketchbook for a specific purpose so they are an outlet in themselves – eg my drawings of my dog-I’d never consider making these into large paintings. At the moment I making a small sketchbook of anatomical collages just cause I like cutting up old text books. Thanks for the interest hope this helps Cheers Sue.

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