Birds of a Feather…..

In my intro about myself I state that each day I say I’m never going to paint again! This week I’ve been questioning myself – why bother? I’m never going to make a living from this. Why the need for others to see my work? Creativity is making my skin crawl while I do other chores. Then I see this! I have exactly 10 minutes before I leave for work and I see this! My jaw dropped, I pulled my head in and will leave for work a bit later (-who cares- well no obviously I do because I saved the draft and did it later which is now..) proud that I am creative and in admiration of those that create for the sake if it. Thank you Edinburgh Paper Artist for humbly going about your business and not whining like me. Click here to see more photos


6 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather…..

  1. Yes, isn’t the story utterly beguiling? My sister alerted me to the story some time ago. It is great to get the update and the end of the tale. Though I do kind of hope it isn’t the end!!

  2. Oh and just forget about whether you will or won’t make a living from your art. You wouldn’t stop dancing cos you couldn’t make a living out of it, would you? Go with the joy and the passion and see where it takes you…

    • What a difference a day makes- today was spent with a good friend checking out galleries and the work of Hossein Valmanesh- wow!. I would never stop painting, it makes me dance! The little sculptures are amazing and the story lovely and precious because they are so limited. Thanks Katharine. I’m loving your blogs too they always make me smile.

  3. Thanks for you post, great story. I was listening to Gillian Ayres on “why do you paint?” (I think the context may have been more “why paint as opposed to using other media?” but I am taking it to mean “why bother painting at all?”) she answered “because one bloody has to”

    • Hi Andy. I know, life would sometimes be so much simpler if one didn’t bloody have to! but damn what would I blog about? Dinner last night? What to buy Aunty Fanny for xmas? I live eat and breathe art and although unartists don’t understand I could never see that changing. Besides I wouldn’t get lovely comments and likes from my fellow artists like you. Cheers Sue.

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