Santa Should use a Typewriter, A writer’s quiz #4

It was a vintage typewriter that gave away the secret of Santa.  I guess I was about eight or so, I had desperately wanted a typewriter for Christmas from Santa. The generous old man that he was led to Christmas morning under the old silver foil tree decorated with purply glass grape lights, a very old typewriter with a piece of lovely white paper rolled ready -waiting. The paper turned out to be a note from Santa, it said this was a special typewriter, “your grandfather’s whom you had not known, take very good care of it”.

The note was not typed by Santa, perhaps he had prepared the note before getting the typewriter from grandfather? Perhaps it was that sticky “S” key that didn’t ever quite reach the paper with enough force? There was however something familiar about the scratchy blue writing.  Grandfather had been a police sergeant, like his father before him. Obviously those powers of deduction had reached down the generational line and grabbed me that morning and shook the slowly dawning sensation that the note was in Dad’s writing! He was Santa! There was no Santa! I never asked why he had written that note rather than typed it, perhaps I would have been woken by the gentle tap, tap, tapping. You could never mistake typing for hooves on roofs. Dad wasn’t a policeman or detective like his brother, or a writer like his brother Ian but he was inventive, creative and would admire the way Typewriters can be used in art.

Typewriters still are used in our home so it was with great delight when I saw a cover of a magazine with an array of models and thought I would base my next quiz on this topic.  Whose Typewriter is This?

Thank you to Benjamin Law  &  Amanda Austin for their article in Smith Journal –the Frankiepress

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