A Bird & A Brush…and my can of worms.

It’s not long until my painting pal Carla has her first solo exhibition. Today I am off to help her at last. Openings at any stage are a gut wrenching time but I can’t imagine the nerves of a solo show. I don’t feel able to cope with that yet and don’t know whether I will. I did try once, Rock’d and it was too close to the bone at that time. I admire her bravery and her determination with works.

She too has been inspired by the desert like myself and many artists but it is so much more for her. She travels out there on a regular basis for months at a time from her beautiful mountain home. When I went to the desert out of Alice Springs, she was at Lake Eyre where they had water for the first time in so long.  She is dedicated to nurturing wildlife and  cares for injured reptiles and birds for WIRES. Birds are her love, her passion as well as paint.  Hopefully her story will be told through this body of work.


4 thoughts on “A Bird & A Brush…and my can of worms.

  1. Her drawing is beautiful! Make sure you have a half bottle of champagne and a plastic flute hidden on your person to calm her nerves before hand. Art galleries are so tight these days, she’ll be lucky to get any booze at the show!!

  2. Good luck to your friend! I always enjoy going to art shows and seeing the stories artists are telling through their photography and paintings.

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