The Results are In..Artist or Housewife.

Well you all did pretty good on this one- ARTIST OR HOUSEWIFE QUIZ quite a few topping the 100%. USA & Australia topping the polls. I didn’t get anyone that took the chance to name the artists or housewives so no bonus points. I’m sure Martha Stewart would rather have been called an artist but she was indeed one of the housewives.


And those of you who picked my daughter as a housewife -you know who you are!- deduct 50% off your score.

If you still want to take a punt don’t read any further, NO PEEKING. Click on the link. If you want to take a stab at who they are make a comment. Remember it’s anonymous if you want.**** SPOILER ALERT READ NO FURTHER****



ARTIST : Margaret Olley


HOUSEWIFE: Margaret Fulton (Chef/Cook)


ARTIST: My beautiful daughter (Graphic Artist/Zinester)


HOUSEWIFE: Martha Stewart


ARTIST: Alice Neel (Painter)


ARTIST: Helen Frankenthaler (innovating painter, RIP)

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