Dishwashing, Driving & Existentialism

I used to think that miraculous trains of thought came to me whilst driving but I realised this morning -it is also dishwashing. My good friend Eva did a portrait of me whilst I was thinking in the same way.  I pull a particular sort of face, one I liken to a cats bottom and my mum’s pout when she watched “Days of our Lives”.

Removing purple cabbage leftovers from a spotty red plate made me wonder why we connect differently with works.  Yesterday I was agape at the work of Elisabeth Cummings at the SH Ervin. Three of us stood in reverence before each painting, studying technique, oohing at colour and not wanting to leave.

On the way out I overheard a women say “now Tim Storrier was a good painter.”  I had to restrain myself from inserting two fingers into her nostrils, firmly hooked and dragging her to each work to explain the intricacies, to explain to her the absolute knowledge of paint, to explain to her what appears as just a mark is an act of extraordinary bravery.

The dishwashing today made me realise Tim Storrier is a good painter and so is Elisabeth Cummings, we all have a different sense of connection to painters and often at different times.

The cabbage and my hostility came off and left me with a fresh lemon sparkle of self-awareness. Perhaps you would like to read John McDonald’s take on the Luminous Exhibition, a great review.  I wonder if he has a dishwasher?


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