Re-surfacing to Postcode 2528

The cormorant has become my own personal symbol within works. It’s wings hang dripping wet, askew and it’s face pointing upwards warming from the sun.

Wollongong City Gallery has it’s Postcodes from the Edge Exhibition and I have three works hung. Postcodes seemed an appropriate time and title to submit gouache works of the lake series.

I realised the works hanging there suspended were a little like the cormorants wings, in need of space.  Today I shared my paintings with my new work friends and felt even more so like the cormorant, this time wanting to dive into the depths of the lake, escape the light and hide in the murky depths where I was away from scrutiny.

I appreciate the times I re-surface and take in the warmth of the sun. Today was one of those days.

2 thoughts on “Re-surfacing to Postcode 2528

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