The Tuckson’s River Queen

Mudman of New Guinea

A houseboat, somewhat between Bogeys’ River Queen and a box-like punt was the home of Margaret and Tony Tuckson in the 60’s on an art gathering adventure up the Sepik River in New Guinea.

(Mudman of New Guinea Wikipedia)

Natalie Wilson began with a black and white photo taken circa 1965 of artist Tony Tuckson sketching natives in New Guinea. It gave me chills.  The one quality that I envy in artists is bravery. Not only huge bold sweeping gestural marks but bravery of spirit too. I was recently asked who was my mentor or hero. The one person who keeps creeping into my blog tags is Elisabeth Cummings. I’ve spoken before of her bravery in mark making but it is also that adventurous spirit I saw in the Tucksons on their journey into one of the least developed areas of the pacific.

Flicking through the works that have inspired me, it seemed obvious in his paintings that the influence of art on that trip had impacted on his own work.

No62 Four Uprights Red and Black 1965? from Collection Frank Watters (Catalogue Liverpool Street Gallery TUCKSON|TOMESCU 2009

Margaret Tuckson who was present, Bogey’s River Queen felt she had to say that Tony Tuckson had bought what he could for the gallery with the funds he was given despite the Rockafellers bidding at the same time.  Tony Tuckson not only purchased wonderful important pieces, he left us with his adventurous spirit in his artwork.

Tony Tuckson 1921-1973 From Reversals Philip Guston Tony Tuckson Catalogue Museum of Modern Art Heide 1994


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