Birds, Bones, Boogeymans and Men in Bonnets

Tiptoe Lark by Henrik Lund (Finland)

Grayson Perry

Once again it’s another serendipitous moment, a raspberry swirl of worlds that come together, mix and produce a sweetness for me.  This time it was a visit to the Australian Museum in Sydney, a visit to a strangers blog and an exhibition by Grayson Perry a world away.

I had seen the Yiwarra Kuju Canning Stock Route exhibition in Canberra well over a year ago but more than happy to revisit.  This painting is Tika Tika Rock Holes made by Ngirntaka-the perentie goanna. Despite the overwhelming sadness the hangs over the exhibition, the interactive displays are wonderful and the touchscreens that make tracks in the dirt help you to imagine yourself within  the landscape.

Tika Tika (2008) by Nola Campbell National Museum of Australia

At the same time Masks from Melanesia were also on display and after taking in the talk on art from Papua New Guinea earlier in the day it was great to go from Powerpoint to powerful.

The purpose for the visit was to take in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. After cruising the wonderful images, I was of course most impressed with these simple bird photos. By this time we were tiring but no visit to the museum is complete without swinging by a few bones.  Skeletal forms never fail to impress and neither does the museum.

Extreme Foraging by Ron McCombe (UK)

The Museum was always a childhood treat for me. Dad and I would catch the train and spend the day, fascinated by the stuffed, pinned and painted.

Grayson Perry (Artists and their Studios Photography by Eamonn McCabe)

Yesterday I was ambling through an impressive WordPress blog by  LDN when I came upon this wonderful link to an exhibition of Grayson Perry at the British Museum.  What a wonderful experience for an artist inside the museum.  I remember watching someone seated sketching bison in the New York Museum of Natural History and thinking I would love nothing better than to spend a day sketching at the museum, but where do you start? How do you pick?

Museum Natural History New York

So in the most unexpected way all the worlds came together in a meld of masks, bonnets, birds and boogeyman.


2 thoughts on “Birds, Bones, Boogeymans and Men in Bonnets

  1. There is nothing like New York, I think a lifetime wouldn’t scratch the surface. I went from a swag in the West MacDonnells to Greenwich Village and it’s that same wonderous feeling. It’s an amazing world.Blogs make us closer. Cheers

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