Scrappy Poles

While sipping a watermelon, orange and mint frappe in a blue striped glass resplendent with umbrella and straw, I thought about scrappy looking garage sale signs.  Being Sunday afternoon, the glitz is over and the rain has soaked the paper.


My previous post on studios was still on my mind while venturing out on the weekly  food gathering mission. I have still kept the photos from my series on Garage Sales and feel it doesn’t seem exhausted yet .

The rain-soaked poles, pieces of grey black paper and tape looked pretty appealing today.  I have on my studio desk a scrappy piece of paper, an A4 page with 6 assorted images. Bent and twisted nails, some rusted as well as part-text and pieces of sticky tape that had yellowed and become brittle. I still hang on to this piece of tatty paper despite 5 house moves and countless studio moves. It re-appears in the back of a sketchbook, under a pile of art mags or like today in amongst some Muybridge drawings on my desk.

So much to paint, so little time once again. What to keep, what to trash?

Maybe I could tape it to a pole as an offering back to the original inspiration. Maybe I should have added a dash of vodka to this frappe and taken an afternoon nap and dream of something brighter to paint. Sometimes I wish my head was just full of dolphins and rainbows.



4 thoughts on “Scrappy Poles

    • Boring, but much prettier than a rusty nail. I would definitely end up with a mushy head, similar to the pinkish gunk at the bottom of my frappe! Thanks for liking me.Cheers Sue

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