The 3 Bears and My Head of Porridge

“Creativity is often just mistakes.” Grayson Perry

  I nicked into Wollongong library just to return a few CDs. I wasn’t expecting Grayson Perry to emit sonic rays of “Come and Get Me” from the pyramid of new releases. But he did. The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.

Meanwhile this morning Katharine PhotoBooth had me commenting about badly drawn bears in dioramas.  Somehow my blogging, book and art-world had been stirred and dished up in the lumpy form of Alan Measles.

I wasn’t going to let my brain be porridge today. I was going to be switched on, plan, make lists but it soon became bergoo (this was my Dad’s term for porridge -I have no idea if bergoo is a real term, spell check doesn’t seem to think so ). I was the first person in library-land to borrow the book and I had to start reading. Grayson Perry had ridden his way into my life lately in the most amazing way.

Alan Measles was Perry’s bear. Inspired by the collection of the British Museum, Alan Measles lives through Grayson Perry.  Once again the organisational side of me slid from the burner. I thought maybe by stirring the porridge in my head a little longer it would form some solid mass, slowly percolating and becoming cohesive. The ingredients are Alan Measles, Dioramas, New Guinea Masks and Bears but something is missing, that dash of brown sugar that will make it interesting, sweet, digestible. Maybe it’s Bungendore.

This photo and Alan Measles is from the book Grayson Perry The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

3 thoughts on “The 3 Bears and My Head of Porridge

  1. Cool post, Sue! As a ceramic designer I’d love to see this book but my local library hasn’t anything about him or by him. How many alter-egos does this man have, I wonder? Is the stuffed bear diorama in the book? I think I recognise it from NYC. Do you think you could kidnap Alan Measles for a project of your own? That would boost your artistic cred pretty quick! How about we organise to steal Alan and ransom him off to the highest bidder. FRONT PAGE NEWS. We could win the Turner prize with that as a concept piece. (tee hee – sorry didn’t get much sleep last night!)

  2. Hi Katharine I recently read a quote along the lines of 4 am is the time when sleepless artists create. How coincidental being a ceramicist! I did a stint on sculptural ceramics but more hit and miss than design. That is Grayson Perry’s medium (although he is a craftsman, an all-artist) The bears are from my photo in New York at NHM-good pick-up. I don’t know whether you could see the three bears I drew in your tranquil photo I web-napped (a bit hard to see, maybe I can send it to you). How amazing would Alan Measles be strung from a tree in Bungendore? Beg your library for this book, it is amazing. I too at 4:00 am also saw a connection in my mind to New Guinea masks. Maybe Alan Measles in a mask hung from a tree in Bungendore set in a giant diorama inside a Photo Booth? Oh my goodness I need sleep! Sweet dreams tonight Sue xo

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