Waiting for the Wall to Crack…

Once again a string of coincidences led me to this photo. This is my home. The things that surround me are colour. The objects are sometimes considered, sometimes random.

I was reading a fascinating blog about Gilbert & George postcard sculpture(once again from RobertHopesWorld) – on it the markings from a masonic lodge, at the same time the tele was on and I flicked until I saw Crowded House live in a concert from The Masonic Hall Grand Lodge in NYC with a wonderful bright coloured pipe organ as a backdrop.

My Dad was a mason (sorry was that supposed to be a secret?) a Grand Organist, when mum would say “Dad’s off to lodge..” I would imagine him as Fred Flinstone wearing a leopard spot fez. He even looked a little like Fred and Uncle Ted looked like Barney.

Meanwhile Tim Finn and his son Elroy are singing, “give me something to write about…”


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