3 Cormorants, 2 Cranes and No Dragons

Round 2 for the Dragon Boat Races on the weekend. I’d packed the sketch gear, the dog and set out sometime after 9:30. They were due to start at 9:00 but it was a Saturday morning. Hell. I was doing pretty good to get  out with my stuff at that time.  The lake was really choppy and as I drove past I saw one emerging from the grey but there were people wandering down the road and cars everywhere.  The plan was to drive further to Boonerah Pt and look back at the boats on the water, capture the colours. Sit in peace without the sideshow.

I guess I was too late or it was called off again. Instead I walked the dog for a while and took a track I hadn’t before, away from the weekend  walkers.  It clung to the edge of the lake among the she-oaks. I was back in love with lake again. The cormorants were drying their wings in the sun. I felt I was intruding, catching them in their early morning skinny dip.  Two white cranes were gently wading through the shallows. It felt very relevant to my state of mind. Shaking off the dark wet that had clung, looking through to lighter times, searching the lake.

I took Bella Dorrie Evans back home as she is a nightmare when I’m sketching, she just hasn’t got plein-air manners or any for that matter.   I wanted to go back, it was bright, early and my gear was packed -a sketchbook at least. I stopped by a little lakeside cafe picked up a toasted sandwich and set myself up on the point.

It was great, a few kids fishing off the jetty and no sticky beakers. I felt in a world of my own. It would have been great to break out the colours for the dragon boats, maybe get some demons out. I’m always apprehensive, I had a bad experience in the past. I thought that I might have been throwing the paint, taking a slog at the activity and maybe get a work with some angst in it.  I guess I had too much of the white crane in me today.


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