Roadtrip between the Old and New

Last weekend it was the new MCA on Sydney Harbour, all white and glittering, smick and slick.

This weekend was the National Gallery Canberra, all orange and autumnal, crackling underfoot, old and gold.

They are about  280 kms in difference but as they say, a world away, a pack of Jelly Belly Jellybeans, mandarins and a couple of Freakonomics podcasts.

I enjoyed the Renaissance, I was desperate to see Titian and Raphael but was more impressed with the early gothic painters and some of the lesser known. Of course Titians’ composition was important – Aida Tomescu had shared her passion of his structure that influences her work- the old meets the new. There was one small Titian painting and there would have to be more to make any sort of lasting impact on me.Fortunately composition can be studied in books and on-line but in the flesh it is so much more important about the quality of the paint.

This is why I felt drawn more towards the Gothic art, small tightly fascinating work, textural and smoothed, glistening and flat.  It’s the sort of art that has always held a fascination for me, perhaps it may be the flattened areas compositionally that has proven intriguing. I did reference this art in a previous work of mine for the Meroogal Womens Art Prize but I am also fascinated by the small Persian paintings that have the same appeal.

Once again the NGA had the drama of deep dark colours but that’s whole other freakonomic blog!

By the way thanks Artshub for the tickets that I won – almost as good as the years supply of Tim Tams I won a while back.


3 thoughts on “Roadtrip between the Old and New

  1. I am going to see the MCA next weekend actually, I am quite excited to see how it all looks! I only just discovered it’s finally all open.
    I would have loved to see the Renaissance exhibition too, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

    • That’s wonderful – the library at the MCA is as luscious as the rooftop cafe. I’m so glad it’s drawing people in, sometimes the art can be so pretentious but they have got a lot of it right with this new gallery. Try and get there for the upcoming zine fair- I think your love of illustrated comics will make it all worthwhile. Night sue.

      • That’s good to hear they have got it right! They really need to at this stage to draw the crowds in, like you say.
        The zine fair sounds interesting, I will have to look into that – thanks for the recommendation!
        Night! (Oh my, it’s that late already…)

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