Crazier than a Coconut

Sometimes all those weird little things that happen, that create links are just that. Weird little things that happen. Over the past couple of weeks I have been singing  or da-da-daaing to myself that Avalanches song, Frontier Psychiatrist. How I got there was a bit like this

  • A Moruya Riverside market purchase of this record  that I bought for the cover
  • Lack of Salmon fillets at the fish market that led to Deep Sea Cod
  • The recipes on-line were all over 300 calories except this one
  • Deep Sea cod with coconut, lime and chilli salsa
  • I always cook to music, so I thought I would give this one a spin (yes I still play records)
  • Dry lips on a road trip, I picked up this Coconut and Honey Lip Gloss
  • Cooking the coconut dried out my lips so I tried it out.

It was at that moment this series of events led to the culmination of the ultimate taste, smell and listen coconut experience as the last track –Anna came on. I had heard this song before but remembered it as that wonderful part of the Avalanches song and there I was, licking my coconut and honey lips, busting open a coconut and busting out those words – a record, a  record, a record  and that boy is crazier than a coconut.

It was at that moment that I felt and tasted Crazier than a Coconut.

PS My Spanish is not good -Does Trios Los Panchos mean three men without pants? And the fish was sublime -definitely worth the fresh coconut.


5 thoughts on “Crazier than a Coconut

    • I pick old albums sometimes for the music and sometimes for the covers – this one was a bonus on both counts. I’m afraid I am too scared to give up the CD player yet.Cheers Sue

  1. PL – this is wonderful – it is worthy of it’s own blog: how I got there from here? or some such! We love the crazy association tangents that the brain comes up with (with which the brain comes up?). So sorry we’re a bit late on discovering this – thanks for the link!!

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