Emus at the Beach

There is a stretch of coastline between Kiama and Gerringong on the NSW South Coast that is stunningly beautiful. Taking a walk up and over these hills for 6 km is no easy feat but when you are constantly stopped in your tracks by amazing sights it takes the pain away from your calves.

You first cross the beach – the sea on one side and lagoon on the other and through the cattle gate and you are amongst the hills that drop dramatically to the sea. The old farms with red-coated barns home to black and white cows. We used to call Port Kembla Cows -the same Football colours.  I didn’t expect an emu.  I imagined it running over the hills and coming to the ocean like a wonderful seaside holiday adventure and he just decided to stay.


I made it halfway – it was far too beautiful, far too hot and far too amazing to be sketchbook-less.

Next time I will go without a camera and take a pencil and pillow and just take it in.

Here are some of the photos along the way but I love the sign at the beginning of the track that warns you of multiple dangers.   It seems they missed out attacks by rampant emus.


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8 thoughts on “Emus at the Beach

  1. Awesome photos! When I was younger and we lived more out west than we currently do, we used to holiday a lot at Kiama, so I’ve always been rather fond of the place (even if it did rain almost every single year we went there).
    It is a surprising place to see an emu, though!

    • Its such a beautiful part of the world, I’m sure it doesn’t rain as much anymore. The emu looked pretty much at home, I hope it wasn’t a feather duster farm.
      I always remember camping at Yeppoon in QlD and making sure you weren’t touching the canvas tent but we would always be drenched, sticky and miserable. Give me the desert and a swag any day.cheers

    • I lived down that way for a long time. To me Jervis Bay is definitely the most beautiful part of our world. Make sure you see Summercloud Bay, god I miss it! This walk follows the Kiama Bends so when you drive down you will see where the walk follows -hard slog but worth it.

  2. It’s an interesting conundrum – camera V sketchbook. One of the things that made that last visit to the Picasso Museum in Antibes so memorable and heightened is that I took time to do a drawing outside while I was waiting for it to re-open at 2pm. When you invest in a view in that way it gets seared in your memory and heart. I imagine when you’re an artist like yourself it becomes a chore and a source of guilt but as a total amateur like myself it catalyses some magical moments.

    • Sketching for me is never a chore, it’s an obsession. You’re so right- to draw it means you take so much more from it. Catch the little things. Unfortunately to sketch on site means you often look like a twat and attract idiots. Funnily enough you can often get away with it at the galleries or the zoo! Cheers Sue

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