Sydneys Biennale Fog Cleared

Cloud Parking in LinzWhen the doors of the lift of the old Museum Contemporary Art opened and we were faced with tables of cheese with band-aids I pretty much thought the glamour of the Biennale was over for me. That was 2004. Times fly.

...como llegar a la masas

Today I went to a talk at the Wollongong City Gallery,  a sneak peek of what’s in store for this years Biennale – All Our Relations.  I couldn’t be more excited. It’s like lifting the corner of the wrapping on Xmas morning. Enough so you know what it is, what it’s about but no playing until the day.

After 40 years Fujiko Nakaya has returned to Sydney and will be spreading her beautiful fog sculpture onto Cockatoo Island.

It was wonderful to see two young education officers who were passionate about what they were presenting.

They’ve inspired me to make the effort once again, be open and take the ride. Come out of my self-induced fog of oil paint and stop whining about “painting has gone….” like some old impressionist. After all they have included some of my old Australian faves Dorothy Napangardi, John Wolsley and Tim Johnson.



4 thoughts on “Sydneys Biennale Fog Cleared

  1. BOS18 has to be the most unimportant and uninspiring collection of mediocrity Sydney has showcase yet ! What the hell are they teaching in Art schools these days ??!

    • Don’t hold back… I’m off to have a look for myself this weekend. This blog was about a talk on the artists and I was quite impressed but the actual work in the biennale can be a real hit and miss. Cheers

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