Ingeborg and I


I love being alone in a gallery. It’s never good waiting for the doors to open but if you find yourself in that rare moment where there is no-one else around except you and the works, it’s precious.

I don’t know why some photos connect and others don’t. I guess it’s like paintings. My heart sank a little when I dropped n at Hazelhurst. A photography exhibition. But I trust Hazelhurst, their exhibitions are always interesting so I went on in. And I was there by myself, the photos and me and my memories.

I loved Ingeborg Tyssen’s work instantly. Her way of looking at the world felt the same. She was painting with her camera. There was humour, fascination and love of life.  Her series made me smile. It made me think of my youth, train rides to Luna Park and the Easter Show.  Swimming with friends at the pool, jumping from the high board, bombing each other.


Her series of Billboards made me think of my own photographs of signs. Sadly I can’t share those laughs with Ingeborg but I think she would have liked these, maybe have given me a “like” on this blog and a few tips on how to take better photos.

It’s weird how a complete strangers work can make you feel connected on some level. I felt had I known Ingeborg we would have been friends.

































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