The Home Duey System

From my new gift book Sunday’s Garden by Lesley Harding & Kendrah Morgan

What am I reading is never a simple question. I have my categories of books and you can see by this blog, I like to categorize. They go like this:

Peter Sharp: Will to Form Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre













1.   The Art Book:   This is a book solely about art, artists, art history, art art art.

Dogs in Australian Art by Steven Miller












2.   The Library Book:   Currently on borrow from one of a few libraries I belong to- so can be sub-categorized into which library. Also can fall into most categories except the Train as I am prone to adding to State Rail Lost Property Book Section.

Just Kids by Patti Smith












3.   The Train Book:   usually a shorter, easier read made for stops and starts and distractions. Can also fall into Art Book Category

A History of the Land Purchased for the Building of Port Kembla Steelworks by DK Reynolds













4.   The Research Book:   This book as the name suggests directly affects the art practice. It is usually a historical record of places, artists or mythological stories. Sometimes text books. Yum.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales from Sue’s Ipod












5.   The Ipod Book:   This is a similar category to the Train Book, made for shorter reads but always happens to be fairy stories, fables (aesop mainly) or childhood books. Handy for extended unexpected waiting periods.

Dirt Music by Tim Winton read by William McInnes













6.   The Listening Book:   I have an old tape player in the studio so I like to listen sometimes when I paint. Can be sub-categorised into Tapes, Records and Podcasts.

Sundays Garden












7.   The Gift Book:   This can throw the whole category system out of whack. It may mean that Library Books need to be returned before their due date, Train Books need to be read in a house to move things along, Ipods are left uncharged in the excitement and I have no time to paint and listen.


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