Little Birds & Empty Sheds

After pulling apart paintings, arranging couriers for the big stuff, the shed is empty.

In a basket left over from my last studio were remnants of bird stuff. Some old drawings, bits of books, a few feathers, what I term – collage stuff.

I had found this tiny leather-bound sketchbook in Salvos. I have decided to make another bird book.

I have been a tad introspective lately about working big again. I just can’t do it yet I’m waiting for that opportunity that keeps seeming to elude me. Meanwhile I’m back to small birds in tiny books.


8 thoughts on “Little Birds & Empty Sheds

  1. I love the idea of your little bird books. And the feathers like pressed wildflowers.
    A still bird fits the small space alotted it–but each tiny body has the power to burst free of us & our limits in an instant.

    • Thank you. I just love birds, I think you’re right they can transform instantly. The feather in the photo I think is from a wild duck that would visit me each season, Daisy.

    • A birdish gift is absolutely the best, lovely to hear you’re part of a creative family. One of my favourite bird paintings I gifted to my friend who cares for injured birds. Cheers Sue

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