Head Like a Pinball Machine

I think if I tilt and shake my brain a little, the balls of inspiration might spark and ding and eventually connect.



The flippers on both left and right brain will continue to flick those thoughts back into the mix until DING! the idea is formed and like a ball heading straight down the ramp, comes out in smooth fully formed thought.

Yesterday was sparks of ideas – balls set loose among the bumper caps. It started with a visit to the op shop on a rainy morning and the plunger pulled back and thwack! the first ball was set loose.

I found these little records of Sicilian folk music amongst the albums.  The covers were amazing – the story in images, sung by an odd man in a great hat.  The first one I picked up had cormorants (a significant symbol in my work). I had to have as many as I could afford.

The way home the rain had cleared and the cormorant boat that I often sketch was perched delicately on the top of Mt Kembla’s reflection – a painters dream and so the plunger pulled again and thwack! my second ball had let loose.  So now I have the 2 balls let loose in there, popping caps and bumping sparks, hitting marks with birds, lakes and reflections.

To make matters worse the absolute best cover of a boy in a green boat. The beautiful pea green boat.

Inspiration will come in all forms and as the balls were dinging in my head I was washing up and ding! another thought – colour. I had sliced beetroot on my wooden chopping board and whilst scrubbing it – the most wonderful layering of colour that speaks to me in oil – alizarin crimson over ochre. Not beetroot over wood. That has to be a 1,000 pointer or a free ball.

I’m confused, I know it all will come together. It will culminate in a painting somehow, I just don’t want to use the tilt. Just yet.

Meanwhile here’s some shots from those albums waiting to happen. And the bonus….love the music! If only I could understand the lyrics….



7 thoughts on “Head Like a Pinball Machine

  1. Great comparison of the mind with a pinball machine. Regretfully, pinball machines hae become a thing of the past. Hopefully, brain usage does not follow the same path. Ha

  2. I’m here again. Great post – next time take some of that beet juice and smush it on a piece of paper and draw with it! it’s fun. flowers, soil, whatever – the colors come out different than you expect and the colors seem to last. the pinball machine will go ding! ding! ding1

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